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Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School

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ole lighthouse
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Here's to old lighthouse! Come here to remember, complain,regret, and love the time you spent there. Whether you were smart enough to treasure getting the whole eighth grade wing to play Kentucky Hick- or were one of those kids who thought it sucked and wanted to go to the prison round the corner. (No offense, Nauseters- but you know it looked like a prison.)

Posts are public. Cause we like it that way.

You know, open and wild, like drawing with chalk on the white retaining wall at the block dance while a crazy old hobo stares you down by the highway in the evening.

Eminent creator, and member of the class of 02'~

50 cent rice, angry chinese men, animation club, bag end (the annex), big maps, bizarre tolkien fetishes, burning down the microwaves, chanting "npr", choose to move, choose your own adventure, closet math, communist jackalopes, department of homeroom security, dirty rice, donald duck math movies, douglas adams, earl the magazine man, family value meals, folkin' it up, greasy-chicken-fingers, hiding people's backpacks, hot mock trial action, hunting for seals, infestation-of-the-termites, kickballs in the highway, licker liscense, loud cans of seltzer, making cheese, mocking the tanning salon, mr. eggamuffin, mrs. pace's pacemaker, pyramid hats, running amok, sea camps, sneaking onto the roof, that crazy hobo guy, the ihateevan website, the penis game, the salmon essay, three confederates on-the-soccer-field, throwing-clay-onto.the-artroom-ceiling, true stories, vincent rosario, water balloon war reenactments, yaks at gettysburg